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Shiksha Spoken English Heading

Shiksha The Learning Center introduces Spoken English Course in Ahmedabad with the following curriculum. Shiksha coaching classes is a pioneer in Ahmedabad when it comes to coaching for English tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. Our Spoken English course will not only empower you with better language fluency but also enable you to perform well in various English Tests.


  • Grammar
  • Worksheets
  • Speaking practices
  • Writing practices
  • Role play
  • Interview preparation
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading passages
  • Listening practices
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Presentation skills

Details of the Curriculum:


Learn to put words together to form proper sentences. Learn coordination that refers to a relationship between words, phrases, or clauses in which all elements have equal importance. Make structure of words, phrases, clauses and sentences right up to the structure of whole texts.


Fill worksheets along with the grammar learnt in class during the coaching. This helps in finding the missing link between the sentences making a proper sense.


This will help indeed in the way the language is used while speaking. Speaking includes not only linguistic ability but also presents the skills that require confidence, presentation, and communication, pronunciation, understanding nuances and postures and intonations. All included the course will develop skills in the spoken world. This will have speaking practice, interview preparation, role play, presentations, vocabulary, and further language development.


Writing is one of the essential parts to learning a language. It prepares you with the different ways of making and improving sentence structures and using of lexical resources. Letters and Essays are the part of learning communication in the corporate world. Skills like presentation, coherence, cohesions and few other technical skills used in writing.


Fluency is the key skill that helps one in reading and analyzing complex text with greater understanding. Learn reading with accuracy and expression at an appropriate reading pace. Short passages and repeating them improves the language thoroughly.


Improves the understanding of words and expression gauging the right communication with the sounds and actions help learn cognitive and behavioral process. Many practice sessions would help in understanding the way the communication is done in all different genres of life.

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