GRE SCORE > Shalin Rajpara  329/340 ⭐️ Yash Shah  320/340 ⭐️ Milan Shah  320/340 ⭐️ Yash Thakkar  315/340 ⭐️ Mit Patel  313/340 ⭐️ Tajas Pandya 310/340 |—-| IELTS SCORE > Nilam Pathak  8.5/9.0 ⭐️ Hassan Momin  8.0/9.0 ⭐️ Keyur Mandaliya 8.0/9.0 ⭐️  Vishwesh Gandhi   8.0/9.0 ⭐️ Anshu  Khakhar  8.0/9.0 |—-| TOEFL SCORE > Devendra Jhaveri 117/120 ⭐️ Shivam Mehta  115/120 ⭐️ Shalin  Rajpara  114/120 ⭐️ Milind Patel 114/120 ⭐️ Khevna maniar  108/120 |—-| GMAT  SCORE > Brinda Guru  710/800 ⭐️ Neeti Nair  690/800 ⭐️ Nidhi  Vyas  630/800 ⭐️ Mohit Sharma  630/800 |—-| SAT SCORE > Darsh Vaidya  1400/1600 ⭐️ Akshar Goyal  1370/1600 ⭐️ Vishwesh Gandhi 1300/1600  ⭐️ Pooja Suchdev 1290/1600

Shiksha – The Learning Center was launched in 1999 by Jyoti Mulchandani, a woman entrepreneur, who earlier started modestly as a private tutor before building the first classroom of The Learning Center. The Learning Center is committed to offering quality coaching and guidance to each of the students enrolled for admission tests preparation. Shiksha has always been proactive in introducing new approaches to test preparation. It is this commitment that has made Shiksha one of the leading centers in Ahmedabad for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and SAT preparation for nearly two decades.

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Thousands of candidates who have taken test preparation classes at the center have successfully gained admission to their chosen university, college or business school. Many of the administrative team members and instructors have been working at Shiksha for more than a decade. The administrative team has experience in counseling students on planning their schedule for these tests. The academy has a team of instructors with the expertise to assist students in developing the skills and strategies required to score high in each of the tests.

The student-friendly approach of the team has been much appreciated in the feedback forms received from students who have attended classes at Shiksha – The Learning Center.

The Learning Center and its team works to provide high quality services required by students to achieve the goals for which they have enrolled at the center.